You want to get rid of the king!!!

But how do you do that???

The only way is to give that gluttonous monarch so much food, he’ll explode!!!

Originally this game was for the Ludum Dare Compo, but because of circumstances, I wasn’t able to work on it the 2nd day. So I finished it on Monday.

All code, art, music etc is made by me, and it was made in 48 hours. Just not in 48 successive hours ;)

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MOVE: WASD or Arrow-Keys


PICK-UP/DROP: Left Mouse Button

MOVE FOOD: Scroll-wheel or Q&E

ROTATE FOOD: Ctrl + Move Food


You can set the audio volume and mouse-sensitivity in the options menu. And you can rebind the controls in the standalone versions.


Monarch-eat - WIN 14 MB
Monarch-eat - MAC 20 MB


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Short, sweet, and treasonous game that gave me Violet Beauregard vibes! Interesting concept and I can always appreciate a game that has a sense of humor. Keep up the good work! 

Fun short game! It was interesting! 

Hi HOeHO, thank you for playing the game! Your video is very funny, thanks!

A very nice game. Fun to play. Ran smooth and had good music.  Well done... :)


Short very short but i did enjoy this.  It is comical at the end and the little head for the king is hilarious. Keep up the good work

Thanks for playing, I had fun watching your video! It is very rough and unfinished, but I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I enjoyed putting together the sandwiches. Would be neat to add more recipes and have the king get upset if given the wrong order. Overall a fun experiment for a game made in 48 hours.

(btw, page says you can rotate food with Shift + Scrollwheel but don't believe the feature has been added to the game).

Thank you for playing! My intention was to have the king shout what he'd like to eat, and you had to make the meal. But sadly I ran out of time so there are only hamburgers.

I will look into the rotating, because it works for me. Thanks for the heads up!